The best facial oil ever? Elemis Superfood Facial Oil

Here at the Beauty Product Store we are all united in a singular addiction, facial oil. Whether it’s the thrill of that oh so youthful glow that comes from a good hydrating oil or the gnarly images that are shared on the team Whatsapp group of “grits” removed using the oil cleansing method (popularised by Reddit users) we simply can’t get enough of these heavenly oils.

Of course not all are made equal and everyone’s skin reacts differently to different oils. Many swear by using mineral oil (baby oil) to cleanse or Argan oil to moisturise whilst others claim the same oil clogs their pores breaking them out like no tomorrow.

What we have today is a rarity, a seemingly “Holy Grail” oil that everyone in the office can agree is simply perfection, introducing the Elemis superfood Facial Oil.


What we love about it?

We have been disappointed in the past by oils that claim to be “highly nourishing” to discover other than a greasy shine they didn’t feed the skin at all. The superfood facial oil seriously delivers moisture and nutritional goodness. Filled to the brim with antioxidants and fatty acids, Elemis makes no quality short cuts on the ingredients list. Broccoli seed oil works it magic to make your skin soft and supple. Flax seed oil delivers long lasting moisture and helps to soothe inflammation.

The oil doesn’t just sit on your skin like a lazy slug, instead 20 minutes post application all is absorbed and transformed into a healthy hydrated glow. The best thing? It isn’t greasy.

Who’s It For?

Me please, on my Birthday, at Christmas or Wednesday is fine too. Seriously I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t squeeze out every last drop of this product. Great for anti-ageing, amazing hydration and if you have been yearning for an oil but haven’t found a good fit you we are confident this could be it. A radiant complexion for once is almost a guarantee.


When to Use It:

Mornings and Evenings. I actually used it pre-moisturiser and then decided to forego applying my moisturiser as I was already glowing. Works great pre make-up as well due to the fact it absorbs so well.


What It Feels Like:

Dipping your face in liquid silk whilst traversing through a misty cloud. Oh and it’s surprisingly light too!


The Smell?

Natural, sweet, delicious. Non-chemical.

How to apply.

Elemis have also put together a helpful video on how to properly apply the oil.




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