• Epiderma5 Acne Therapy Gel

    The epiderma5 acne therapy gel is a product scientifically formulated to treat active acne and improve the health of your skin as well as the overall appearance of it. epiderma5 does not condone or perform animal testing. This product works excellently with our acne/oily skin package which can be found by clicking here. This package comprises of four products by leading South Korean brand Genosys. It includes a cleanser, a toner a cream and a serum, all specifically designed to aid oily skin. We understand the importance of formulating with the best combinations of innovative ingredients to provide you with safe, highly effective products that deliver on their promises. All of our products are free of potential irritants like synthetic dyes and fragrances. PCA SKIN does not perform or condone animal testing.

    What causes acne?

    Acne occurs when the pores in your skin become blocked with oil, bacteria, dead skin cells and dirt. When this occurs, your skin is likely to develop a ‘pimple’ or a ‘zit’. If areas highly affected by pimples or zits you may have acne. Each pore is an opening to a hair follicle, which is made up of a subcutaneous oil gland. This gland produces sebum, a type of oil, which comes out of the pores via hair which keeps the skin soft and lubricated. However, when too much oil is produced the pores can become blocked which causes outbreaks. If this is then combined with dead skin cells and bacteria, the acne can become more severe.

    Can acne be prevented?

    Acne is difficult to prevent. It’s most common during puberty due to the hormonal changes the body goes through. These hormones can change the production oil in the pores leading larger outbreaks on the skin. Due to this type of acne being hormonal it makes it harder to prevent, but steps can be put in place to improve the appearance of it.
    • Daily cleansing of the skin with mild soap to remove the excess dirt, oil and bacteria
    • Keeping your hair clean and keeping it out of your face
    • Using water-based makeup or non-pore-clogging makeup
    • Not squeezing or picking pimples. This spread the bacteria and oils
    • Not regularly touching your face
    Following these precautions, whilst using the epiderma5 acne gel, can greatly help the appearance of active acne. Indicated For Acne, oily skin, breakouts  

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  • Epiderma5 Microdermabrasion Cream

    Microdermabrasion Cream by epiderma5 225ml Microdermabrasion Cream Microdermabrasion Cream is a super skin exfoliator. Formulated with a blend of natural pumice, glycolic acid and soothing plant botanicals it is the ideal cream for brighter, smoother and clearer skin.

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  • Epiderma5 Home Dermaroller Kit - Roll & Glow

    Home Dermaroller Kit

    The epiderma5 homer dermaroller kit is the perfect solution for those who are trying to improve the quality and appearance of their skin. This microneedling device provides a safe home alternative to the popular microneedling treatments seen in skin clinics and aesthetic businesses world wide. This dermaroller requires no formal training to use due to the superficial nature of the needles attached, fully detailed instructions are provided with this product.

    What is a dermaroller?

    Dermarolling involves making hundreds of tiny punctures in the skin using the home dermaroller device, which stimulates natural cell renewal and increases collagen and elastin production. This rejuvenating process is painless and helps significantly tighten, tone, plump and renew your skin, while improving texture and smoothness and reducing the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles. This comprehensive 3 or 6 part kit with easy to follow instructions is a one-stop solution to healthy, vibrant, glowing skin.  

    What’s is in the dermaroller 3 part kit?

    • One 0.25mm dermaroller
    • One 30ml Skin Nourish Serum
    • One epidermaroller santiser spray

    What’s is in the dermaroller 6 part kit?

    • One 0.25mm dermaroller
    • One 30ml Skin Nourish Serum
    • One epidermaroller santiser spray
    • Daily Moisture Defence
    • Recovery Balm
    • Pure Cleanse

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  • Epiderma5 Peptide Eye Amaze

    Luxurious non-drag texture, with multi-peptides Key Features

    • Peptides
    • Ceramides
    • Vitamins
    • Green Tea
    • Aloe
    • Shea butter
    Free From
    • Parabens
    • Fragrance

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  • Epiderma5 Pure Cleanse

    The epiderma5 pure cleanse face cleanser is formulated to remove dirt, makeup, dead skin cells as efficiently as possible, whilst also unclogging pores ensuring you prevent skin concerns such as acne.

    Why cleanser over soap?

    A lot of people will just opt for using a bar of soap instead of a cleanser to clean their face. A bar of soap has a PH of 9 or 10 whereas the surface of the skin is typically around 4.7. this can change the balance in the skin which can lead to breakouts. Soap also often has thickener in it to give it its texture, or in the case of a bar of soap, its structure. This thickener can clog pores again, potentially leading to outbreaks. Finally, soap can remove the natural oils from the skin meaning the skin will potentially start to overproduce oils to replace what has been removed resulting in clogged pores and acne.

    When should I use a cleanser?

    Some signs that you should use a cleanser
    • Your skin is very oily or acne prone
    • Your skin gets oilier as the day goes on
    • You use oil based, waterproof or long-wearing make up
    • If you need to thoroughly remove any products or irritants that come into contact with your skin

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  • Epiderma5 Recovery Balm

    Calming, healing and repairing. Can be used every day to keep the skin barrier intact.

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  • Epiderma5 Skin Nourish Serum

    Lightweight, highly absorbent, oil free Key Features Copper Peptide Skin Tightening Peptide Omegas Botanical & Fruit Extracts Hyaluronic Acid Green Tea Free Froms Parabens Fragrance Oils

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