• Guinot Crème Longue Vie Corps - 200ml
    £71.00 £49.70

    Look younger than your age with this amazing cream containing 56 regenerative active ingredients, which recreate a youthful effect on the skin. When applied regularly: - The body regains firmness. - The skin is smoother and more toned. - The skin is velvety and satiny.

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  • Guinot Crème Longue Vie Mains Hand Cream - 75ml
    £31.00 £21.70

    Rejuvenating Hand Care Cream

      - Protects the skin against environmental irritants - Keeps hands looking youthful - Helps brown spots disappear

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  • Guinot Crème Minceur Chrono - 125ml
    £53.00 £37.10

    Minceur Chrono Logic penetrates and combats stubborn cellulite due to its high concentration of active ingredients. The results are visible after 15 days of use. The skin is firmer and smoother.     How to use: Using circular movements, apply morning and evening to the areas of concern as an initial intensive 15-day treatment course.

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  • Guinot Crème Sculpt Expert - 200ml
    £52.00 £36.40

    Firms and restores skin density and visibly reshapes the figure.   Hydroxyproline: boosts the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres to reinforce and repair the support fibres. Brown algae: helps prevent the deterioration of collagen and elastin fi bres that make up the skin’s structure. Polysaccharides: lift, soften and smooth the skin. Apply daily to the entire body, focusing on areas that tend to slacken (abdomen, thighs, arms, etc.).

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  • Guinot Dépil Logic Visage - 15ml
    £16.00 £11.20

    Face and body serum to slow hair regrowth

      - Slows hair regrowth by attacking hair at the root - Soothes the skin instantly - The skin is hair-free for longer

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  • Guinot Douche Mirific - 300ml
    £18.00 £12.60

    Shower gel with nourishing passion flower oil

    - Gently cleanses the skin - Nourishes and restores the skin barrier - Leaves a soft satin finish and delicate fragrance after showering   Passion flower oil: Protects, nourishes and softens the skin all day long. Vegetable glycerine: Softens and soothes, leaving the skin soft and comfortable. Mild cleansing agents: Cleanses the skin whilst maintaining the skin’s balance.

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  • Guinot Eau Mirific - 100ml
    £46.00 £32.20

    Scented Softening Body Spray

    - Fresh scent formulated to prevent photosensitivity* - Provides the skin with long-lasting freshness - Soothes, softens and protects the skin * Should not be used as a sunscreen

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  • Guinot Gel Jambes Légères - 150ml
    £38.00 £26.60

    Relaxing "cold effect" treatment

    Gel Jambes Légères is distinguished by its long-lasting action, which soothes tired legs. As soon as the gel is applied the "cold effect" melts away feelings of heaviness and tiredness. - Refreshes the skin with its immediate "ice cube" effect. - Reduces tiredness, as well as redifines the legs and ankles

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  • Guinot Gommage Facile - 200ml
    £45.00 £31.50

    Exfoliating treatment with Loofa fibres

    In less than two minutes in the shower or bath, Gommage Facile leaves skin soft as silk. The Loofa fibres gently exfoliate rough patches and dead cells, to reveal brand new skin. - Exfoliates perfectly due to the Loofa fibres. - Easy and quick to rinse. - Softens the skin.

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  • Guinot Gommage Peau d’Orange - 200ml
    £45.00 £31.50

    Exfoliating Slimming Body Gel

    - Smoothes and softens the skin - Reduces the skin’s orange peel appearance

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